Sanatan Cultural Society

Sanatana Dharma – The Eternal Truth

Welcome to the Sanatan Cultural Society


We are a friendly, progressive group of people who believe in and practice Sanatan Dharma, the universal religion for the cropped-cropped-cropped-lakshmi-satyanarayana11.jpgwhole world. The establishment of the Sanatan Cultural Society was inspired by the Vision of our first spiritual leader,the Late Pandit Tiwarie.

Together with their spiritual leader the late Pandit Hardeo Tiwarie a few  families started the SCS (Sanatan Cultural Society) several years ago with the goal of having a temple in North London.

The aim was, and still is, to maintain the Hindu religion (Sanatan Dharma) and to encourage the children of the community to take an active part.

Due to the distance it had become difficult for many devotees to attend the Caribbean Hindu Society in Brixton.

In the past the society has been privileged to have Pandit Harri Tewari,  Pandit Sahadeo Tewari, the late Pandit Hardeo Tewarie, Pandit Bish and Pandit Satish Deo as our priests. The current officiating Pandit is Pandit Hamesh Kharag.


We seek to work together to uphold the tenets of Sanatana Dharma for the benefit of all who come into contact with and support the Society.

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  1. To learn more about Sanatana Dharma and share this with our members and supporters.
  2. To practice the religion of Sanatana Dharma through collective and individual worship and celebrations.
  3. To serve the community selflessly.
  4. To further develop our premises for the Society’s use.


  1. In 1998 The SCS became a registered charity.
  2. Acquired our own premises for use as a Mandir (Satyanarayan Mandir) and other religious activities. In 2011 we acquired our own Mandir with Pandit Satish Deo as officiating Priest.
  3. Provide tuition in the study of the Hindi language.
  4. Study and recite the Ramayan
  5. Celebrate major festivals in the Hindu Calendar, including Shivratri, Holi, Navratri, Ramnaumi, Krishna Janamasthmi, and Diwali.
  6. Promote the learning and performance of Kirtan and Bhajan singing with particular emphasis on our younger members and supporters.
  7. Conduct regular Pooja and Havan ceremonies.
  8. Held a three day Ramayan Yajna to commemorate the opening of our Mandir


Sanatana Dharma is the belief system that encourages us all to engage in such actions, thoughts and practices that promote physical and mental happiness in the world, and ensure GOD realisation in the end.Hinduism

Sanatana Dharma assumes that we should perform all kinds of good deeds and philanthropic works that are beneficial to society, with satvic motivation (i.e. having full faith in GOD and doing all the good karmas only to please GOD, and not for any kind of personal gain).

The Rig Veda (the first scripture of Sanatana Dharma and indeed of all mankind) declares – “Ekam Sat Vipraa Bahudhaa Vadanti”. This means that the ultimate Truth (i.e. GOD) is One, but the wise know him by different names and in different forms. This illustrates the principle that we believe in one God only, and that what appear to be many gods and goddesses are actually different representations of one God.

Our current officiating Pandit (Hindu Priest) is Pandit Hamesh…….. We are also blessed to have the unstinting support of Pandit Bish, Pandit Hari and Pandit Satish (our previous Pandits).