Sanatan Cultural Society

Sanatana Dharma – The Eternal Truth


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In Sanatana Dharma it is not only important to be devoted to your religion and enhance your soul but to also look after the body Bhagavan gave us, therefore we should look after this body and treat it like a Mandir itself.

We all, no matter how difficult should try to follow a strictly vegetarian diet, no drinking, no smoking – or for that matter any form of intoxication and we should exercise regularly. To be successful at this we need to control our senses in order to stay strong on this chosen path.  This can be done by regularly meditating on your chosen deity.

Nevertheless, from time to time we will still need medication and we should always follow our doctor’s advice, however there are many ayurveda medicines available that are used to work alongside our bodies with no side affects as they are all natural remedies.

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