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Sanatana Dharma – The Eternal Truth


Music is to the ears what food is to the body.  For human ears music is heavenly and listening to devotional music becomes a divine experience.


Goddess Saraswati has bestowed the gift of music to us through which we can express feelings and emotions.  Bhajans are often sweet, melodious tunes offering praise to the Lord.  When sung in unison the energy and atmosphere created is incomparable.

Bhajans describe the glorious actions of our Lord and stories of great devotees.  They are that type of music which can spiritually uplift you at any moment in your day if you listen with pure devotion to Bhagavan.  With great devotion a bhajan will make your heart weep with tears of joy.

Close your eyes, listen to the melodious tunes, hear the words of praise for the Lord and lose yourself in devotion.

Please click the links below for some Bhajans on you tube:

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