Sanatan Cultural Society

Sanatana Dharma – The Eternal Truth

Officiating Pandit

Current Pandit - Pandit Bish

Current Pandit – Pandit Bish

Pandit Bish Persuad is our current officiating Pandit. Pandit Bish is well versed in the Sanatan Dharma scriptures and continually provides services to our society and to the wider Hindu community.  Pandit Bish encourages the younger generation to take an active roll in their religion in order to preserve the Sanatan Dharma culture and traditions.








Previous Pandit - Pandit Satish

Previous Pandit – Pandit Satish

Pandit Satish Deo was our previous Pandit who now resides in New York.  Pandit Satish Deo attended the Sanatan Cultural Society since the age of 11 and was fully involved in the preservation of the Shri Satya Sanatan Dharma throughout the Hindu Diaspora. We at the society were blessed and honoured to have him as our Pandit and wish him all the best in his future.



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