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Happy Diwali!

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Diwali is the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated to remember the night when Sri Ram returned from a 14 year exile in the forest after killing the demon Ravan, King of Lanka and saving his wife Mother Sita from this demon. The whole city of Ayodhya lit oil lamps in their homes  and throughout the streets to welcome Sri Ram, King of happy-diwali-wallpapers-wishes-2Ayodhya and Mother Sita. It is for this reason that we light  lamps (or diyas) in our homes during the festival of Diwali.

Sri Ram is an incarnation of the supreme Lord, Narayan (Vishnu Bhagwan). His story is told in the Ramayan. The  Ramayan not only tells us the story of Sri Ram killing the demon Ravan but teaches us many things. Sri Ram was a  perfect man and his wife Mother Sita, a perfect woman. Despite facing hardships in their lives they lived their lives  by carrying out their duties to each other, their parents and siblings without question or hesitation. They gained  knowledge from sages and despite being royalty they lived their lives humbly. Sri Ram’s dearest devotee is the  intelligent and strong Sri Hanuman who is the humble servant of Sri Ram. The Ramayan tells us of how good will  always triumph over evil. We should use the Ramayan as an example of how we should strive to be the perfect humans in life to each other and for ourselves.



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