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Sanatana Dharma – The Eternal Truth

Teaching for the day – the Gayatri Mantra

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Om Sound as the basis of creation, Brahman
Unity of all that is visible and invisible
Bhur The gross: earth, existence, physical body
Bhuvah The subtle: atmosphere, prana, subtle body
Svaha The causal: heaven, Atman, the soul, causal body
Tat That: Brahman (The Ultimate Reality is simply
referred to as “That” because it defies description
through speech or language.)
Savitur The protector, Savitri, equated with the luminous, life-giving energy of the sun
Varenyum Supreme Consciousness that inspires adoration
Bhargo Goodness, radiance, luster, illumination,
destroyer of ignorance
Devasya Divine radiance or grace
Dhimahi Meditation or knowledge of the Absolute
Dhiyo Buddhi, intellect
Yonah Our energies, our actions
Prachodayat Inspire

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